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Сообщения с тегами invoice

MSRS channel — what to use instead in case of very old version of Scala/iScala?

Настройка принтера для печати через внешнюю программу в Scala 5.1

You can use MSRS channel to design documents with rich formatting in case of modern versions of iScala (starting from iScala 2.3 SR2 and SQL server 2008). And what if you have Scala 5.1, for example? Can anything be done for this version more or less gracefully? 🙂

Standard steps when working with the «Purchase Order» module

Of course, in different companies, iScala users work differently, but nevertheless, there is a standard system logic that needs to be taken into account. The mandatory and optional steps are described in detail, as well as some comments on what will happen if you make changes of purchase price in the order line at different steps