Структура таблиц iScala 2.2 HF 2.3318 - 2.02.3318 :: Список таблиц модуля «Material Production Control»

Название Таблицы Маска Таблицы Описание Таблицы
MP00 MP00%cc00 MP00 - Configuration Head
MP01 MP01%cc00 MP01 - Configuration Lines
MP03 MP03%cc00 MP03 - Accessory List Head
MP04 MP04%cc00 MP04 - Accessory Lines
MP06 MP06%cc00 MP06 - Automatic Accounting Schedule GOGS
MP07 MP07%cc00 MP07 - Standard Cost Summary
MP0B MP0B%cc00 MP0B - Distribution File
MP0D MP0D%cc00 MP0D - Configuration Word Order
MP10 MP10%cc00 MP10 - Parameter Table for Time to Start
MP11 MP11%cc00 MP11 - MPC Time to Start Proposals
MP50 MP50%cc00 MP50 - Work Centers
MP52 MP52%cc00 MP52 - Tools
MP54 MP54%cc00 MP54 - Cost Codes
MP55 MP550000 MP55 - Sum.part of tmp
MP56 MP56%cc%yy MP56 - MPC Parameters
MP57 MP57%cc00 MP57 - MPC Stock Item Details
MP58 MP58%cc00 MP58 - MPC Calculus Models
MP59 MP59%cc00 MP59 - MPC Calculus Constants
MP5A MP5A0000 MP5A - Component Mater
MP5B MP5B0000 MP5B - Cust. No/Order
MP5C MP5C0000 MP5C - Temp. Sel.Term
MP5D MP5D0000 MP5D - Temp.ECO Hist.
MP5E MP5E0000 MP5E - Wrk.OR Mater.An
MP5F MP5F0000 MP5F - Picking L. Sort
MP5G MP5G0000 MP5G - Wrk.Cum.Mater.1
MP5H MP5H0000 MP5H - Wrk.Cum.Mater.2
MP5I MP5I0000 MP5I - Wrk.Reconfigur.
MP5J MP5J0000 MP5J - Wrk.Dispatching
MP5K MP5K0000 MP5K - Wrk.Completed S
MP5M MP5M0000 MP5M - Wrk. Costing
MP5N MP5N0000 MP5N - Compare struct
MP5O MP5O0000 MP5O - Wrk. for MP0562
MP60 MP600000 MP60 - Tmp.Actual cost
MP61 MP61%cc00 MP61 - MPC Bill of Material
MP62 MP62%cc00 MP62 - Work Centre Load
MP63 MP63%cc00 MP63 - Routings
MP64 MP64%cc00 MP64 - Work Orders
MP65 MP65%cc00 MP65 - Work Order BOM
MP66 MP66%cc00 MP66 - Work Order BOM Issues
MP67 MP67%cc00 MP67 - Work Order Routings
MP68 MP68%cc00 MP68 - Work Order Batch Lines
MP69 MP69%cc00 MP69 - Dispatched Load
MP6E MP6E0000 MP6E - Master Planning Schedule Print-Out (Temp. File)
MP6F MP6F0000 MP6F - Temporary file for Mtrl. issues
MP6G MP6G0000 MP6G - Work File for use in SC06002
MP6H MP6H0000 MP6H - Work File for use in SC0661
MP6I MP6I0000 MP6I - Work File for use in SC0662
MP6J MP6J0000 MP6J - Work File for use in SC0668
MP6K MP6K0000 MP6K - Work File for use in SC0669
MP6L MP6L0000 MP6L - Temp.file for Actual Cost/Sales Order
MP70 MP70%cc00 MP70 - Free Headers
MP71 MP71%cc00 MP71 - Free Texts
MP72 MP72%cc00 MP72 - Enquiry File
MP73 MP73%cc00 MP73 - Description Free Fields
MP74 MP74%cc00 MP74 - Report Numbers
MP75 MP75%cc00 MP75 - Production Statistics
MP76 MP76%cc00 MP76 - Actual Cost Head
MP77 MP77%cc00 MP77 - Actual Cost Material
MP78 MP78%cc00 MP78 - Actual Cost Operations
MP79 MP79%cc00 MP79 - Actual Cost Transactions
MP7A MP7A0000 MP7A - Family/Foreman area/Department temporary file
MP80 MP80%cc00 MP80 - Calculus File
MP82 MP82%cc00 MP82 - Work Center Calendar
MP83 MP830000 MP83 - Phantom Material List Temporary File
MP84 MP840000 MP84 - Phantom Operation List Temporary file
MP85 MP85%cc00 MP85 - Customer Order to Work Order 1
MP86 MP86%cc00 MP86 - Customer Order to Work Order 2
MP87 MP87%cc00 MP87 - MPC Code File
MP89 MP890000 MP89 - Stock Planning + Gross Requirements (Temp. File)
MP8D MP8D0000 MP8D - Work File for use in SC0585
MP90 MP90%cc00 MP90 - Automatic Accounting Schedule WIP
MP91 MP91%cc00 MP91 - WIP Transactions
MP92 MP92%cc00 MP92 - MRP Stock Planning
MP93 MP93%cc00 MP93 - MPS Stock Planning
MP94 MP94%cc00 MP94 - Forecast Product Group Distribution
MP95 MP95%cc00 MP95 - Forecasts
MP96 MP96%cc00 MP96 - MRP Purchase Order Proposal
MP97 MP97%cc00 MP97 - ECO History
MP98 MP98%cc00 MP98 - GOGS Order Accounting
MP9B MP9B0000 MP9B - Temporay File B for MRP
MP9C MP9C%cc%yy MP9C - WIP Transactions Journal
MP9W MP9W%cc00 MP9W - WIP Transactions History
MPCM MPCM%cc00 MPCM - Graphical Planning Layer/Info colors
MPGP MPGP%cc00 MPGP - Graphical Planning Configuration
MPGR MPGR%cc00 MPGR - Node-Type configuration
MPM0 MPM0%cc00 MPM0 - Gross Requirement temporary file
MPM1 MPM1%cc00 MPM1 - Forecast OP temporay file
MPM2 MPM2%cc00 MPM2 - Forecast Workcenter temporary file
MPM3 MPM3%cc00 MPM3 - Forecast Load temporay file
MPM4 MPM40000 MPM4 - API of forecast print-out temporary file
MPM5 MPM50000 MPM5 - Gross Requirement temporary file

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