Структура таблиц / Tables structure of Epicor iScala 2.3 SR3 - 2.03.12787 :: Список таблиц модуля / List of tables of the module «System Utilities/Office Autom.»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
SY12 SY12%cc00 SY12 - Standard Form Text
SY14 SY14%cc00 SY14 - Currency File
SY16 SY160000 SY16 - Feature Activation File
SY18 SY18%cc00 SY18 - Tax Engine Parameters
SY24 SY24%cc00 SY24 - General Code File
SY26 SY26%cc00 SY26 - Currency Quotation File
SY28 SY28%cc00 SY28 - Pre-printing form inventory
SY29 SY29%cc00 SY29 - Vat Codes/Tax Rate Codes
SY2C SY68%ccXX SY2C - Scala Year Independent Counter Storage
SY2D SY69%ccXX SY2D - Skipped Counter Values(Year Independent)
SY2X SY2X0000 SY2X - VAT Periods
SY2Z SY2Z0000 SY2Z - VAT Macros
SY31 SY31%cc00 SY31 - Accounting Dimensions Defaults
SY33 SY33%cc00 SY33 - VAT Code Matrix
SY34 SY34%cc00 SY34 - VAT Codes Foreign Descriptions
SY40 SY40%cc00 SY40 - Scala Parameters Storage
SY41 SY41%cc00 SY41 - Scala Import/Export Data Storage
SY42 SY42%cc00 SY42 - Multilingual Code File
SY43 SY43%cc00 SY43 - Planning Calendar
SY44 SY44%cc00 SY44 - Electronic Links
SY45 SY45%cc00 SY45 - Tolerance Table
SY46 SY46%cc00 SY46 - Tolerance Control Table
SY47 SY470000 SY47 - Business Destinations
SY48 SY480000 SY48 - Business Destination Descriptions
SY49 SY49%cc00 SY49 - Business Destination Links
SY50 SY50%cc%yy SY50 - Statistic Currency Rate for Accounting Periods
SY51 SY51%cc00 SY51 - Export control audit
SY52 SY52%cc00 SY52 - Export control action
SY53 SY53%cc00 SY53 - Export control rules
SY55 SY55%cc00 SY55 - Cheque Transactions
SY68 SY68%cc%yy SY68 - Scala Counter Storage
SY69 SY69%cc%yy SY69 - Skipped Counter Values
SY70 SY70%cc00 SY70 - Multiple IBAN codes
SY71 SY710000 SY71 - IBAN Layout
SY72 SY72%cc00 SY72 - IBAN Bank Definition
SY73 SY730000 SY73 - Common ID Definition
SY74 SY740000 SY74 - ISO Country Names
SY75 SY750000 SY75 - Common Address Layout
SY76 SY76%cc00 SY76 - Common Address Data
SY77 SY77%cc00 SY77 - Common ID Ranges
SY78 SY780000 SY78 - Common ID Primary Key
SY79 SY790000 SY79 - Common ID Query Definition
SY7A SY7A0000 SY7A - Common ID Description
SY7B SY7B0000 SY7B - Common Address Descriptions
SY7C SY7C0000 SY7C - Common Address Line Descriptions
SY7D SY7D0000 SY7D - IBAN Country Codes
SY7E SY7E%cc00 SY7E - IBAN Bank Names
SY7F SY7F0000 SY7F - IBAN Layout Descriptions
SY7H SY7H0000 SY7H - Country-specific Common Address
SY7K SY7K0000 SY7K - Extra Data Codes
SY7L SY7L0000 SY7L - Extra Data Codes Descriptions
SY7Q SY7Q0000 SY7Q - Common ID Query Description
SY7R SY7R%cc00 SY7R - Common Ranges
SY7S SY7S%cc00 SY7S - UDDB Default Values
SY7T SY7T%cc00 SY7T - Validation Rules
SY80 SY80%cc00 SY80 - Customer Site Addresses
SY81 SY81%cc00 SY81 - BTT Type Multilingual
SY82 SY82%cc00 SY82 - Lead Time Element
SY83 SY83%cc00 SY83 - Lead Time Element Multilingual
SY84 SY84%cc00 SY84 - Delivery Variation
SY85 SY85%cc00 SY85 - Delivery Variation Multilingual
SY86 SY86%cc00 SY86 - Lead Time Rule
SY87 SY87%cc00 SY87 - Lead Time Rule Duration
SY88 SY88%cc00 SY88 - BTT Type
SY90 SY90%cc00 SY90 - User defined milestone
SY91 SY91%cc00 SY91 - User defined milestone multilingual
SY97 SY970000 SY97 - Work file central currency dictionary
SY98 SY980000 SY98 - Work file central currency dictionary
SYA1 SYA1%cc00 SYA1 - Calculation Algorithm Head
SYA2 SYA2%cc00 SYA2 - Calculation Algorithm Lines
SYAF SYAF%cc%yy SYAF - Audit Trail for Monetary Restatement
SYB1 SYB1%cc00 SYB1 - Tax Rule
SYB3 SYB3%cc00 SYB3 - Financial Operation Codes
SYB4 SYB4%cc00 SYB4 - IOGS Report Types
SYB5 SYB50000 SYB5 - IOGS Record Types
SYB6 SYB60000 SYB6 - IOGS Field Types
SYB7 SYB7%cc00 SYB7 - IOGS Record Structure
SYB9 SYB9%cc00 SYB9 - NCM Code
SYBC SYBC%cc00 SYBC - Fiscal Text Codes
SYBD SYBD%cc00 SYBD - Document Fiscal Text
SYBJ SYBJ%cc00 SYBJ - Origin / Destination Rates
SYBK SYBK%cc00 SYBK - EDI Layout Headers
SYBL SYBL%cc00 SYBL - Access Restrictions
SYBM SYBM%cc00 SYBM - EDI Layout Lines
SYBN SYBN%cc%yy SYBN - Output FileHeaders
SYBO SYBO%cc%yy SYBO - Output File Lines
SYBQ SYBQ%cc00 SYBQ - EDI Field Descriptions
SYBT SYBT%cc00 SYBT - EDI Collection Events
SYBU SYBU%cc00 SYBU - EDI Bank Information
SYBY SYBY%cc00 SYBY - TS Margins
SYBZ SYBZ%cc00 SYBZ - Serial Invoice Number
SYCC SYCC0000 SYCC - Central Currency. Dictionary
SYCD SYCD%cc00 SYCD - Currency Dictionary
SYCE SYCE0000 SYCE - EMU Currency History
SYCF SYCF0000 SYCF - Central Currency File
SYCH SYCH%cc00 SYCH - Currency History
SYCI SYCI0000 SYCI - Central Currency File
SYD0 SYD0%cc00 SYD0 - Document image header
SYD1 SYD1%cc00 SYD1 - Document image lines
SYES SYES%cc00 SYES - Dyamic email setup
SYET SYET%cc00 SYET - Table storing Entry Types
SYFF SYFF%cc%yy SYFF - Log File Monetary Restatement
SYL1 SYL1%cc00 SYL1 - Tax Types
SYL2 SYL2%cc00 SYL2 - Tax Liability
SYL3 SYL3%cc00 SYL3 - Tax Liabilities
SYL4 SYL4%cc00 SYL4 - Tax Codes
SYL5 SYL5%cc00 SYL5 - Tax Codes Lines
SYL6 SYL6%cc00 SYL6 - Tax Rate Intervals
SYL7 SYL7%cc00 SYL7 - Tax Exemptions
SYL8 SYL8%cc00 SYL8 - Document Issuer
SYLK SYLK%cc00 SYLK - Attachment Storage Links
SYM1 SYM1%cc00 SYM1 - Code Map
SYM2 SYM2%cc00 SYM2 - Mapping
SYPD SYPD%cc00 SYPD - Purchaser File Foreign Name
SYPQ SYPQ%cc00 SYPQ - Print Job Queue Table
SYPU SYPU%cc00 SYPU - Purchaser File
SYR0 SYR0%cc00 SYR0 - License Assignment
SYR4 SYR4%cc00 SYR4 - License Control Parameters
SYR5 SYR5%cc00 SYR5 - Control Classes
SYR6 SYR6%cc00 SYR6 - Licenses
SYR7 SYR7%cc00 SYR7 - Legal Regulations
SYR8 SYR8%cc00 SYR8 - License Notes
SYR9 SYR9%cc00 SYR9 - Legal Regulations Notes
SYRA SYRA%cc00 SYRA - License Note Template
SYRB SYRB%cc00 SYRB - License Note Template Structure
SYRC SYRC%cc00 SYRC - License Note Template Captions
SYRF SYRF%cc00 SYRF - Common ID References
SYRS SYRS%cc00 SYRS - Synchronization Setup
SYRT SYRT%cc00 SYRT - Synchronization Status
SYS1 SYS1%cc00 SYS1 - Bank Information
SYS2 SYS2%cc00 SYS2 - Filter Switch
SYS3 SYS3%cc00 SYS3 - Selection Form Template
SYSM SYSM%cc00 SYSM - Report 347 format parameters
SYVT SYVT%cc00 SYVT - Generic Patch
SYXX SYXX%cc%yy SYXX - Log File for Wizard utility
SYZC SYZC0000 SYZC - Zip Code Dictionary

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