One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.5 (x64) —

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.5 (x64) — 3.5.0429 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «Contract Management»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
CM3L CM3L%cc00 CM3L — table Extended Contract Lines
CMBP CMBP%cc00 CMBP — Best Price Table
CMH1 CMH1%cc00 CMH1 — Contract History Master File
CMH3 CMH3%cc00 CMH3 — Contract Line History File
CMH4 CMH4%cc00 CMH4 — Delivery Schedule History
CMH5 CMH5%cc00 CMH5 — Contract Line Act History
CMHD CMHD%cc00 CMHD — Advance Invoice Deduction History
CMHI CMHI%cc00 CMHI — Invoicing Plan History
CMHL CMHL%cc00 CMHL — Extended Contract Lines LTM History
CMHT CMHT%cc00 CMHT — Contract Line Text History
CMI2 CMI2%cc00 CMI2 — Contract Instalment Lines
CMI4 CMI4%cc00 CMI4 — Contract Instalment Lines History
CMIP CMIP%cc00 CMIP — Invoicing Plan
CMMT CMMT%cc00 CMMT — Business Transaction Type Contract Mapping
CMVV CMVV%cc00 CMVV — Variable Values

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