Reporting tools usage survey

Конструктор диаграмм в ExcelReporting — the top «of the iceberg».

It makes no sense to enter data into the system, if it is impossible to obtain the required reporting. Different companies are using for this purpose various tools. So we decided to ask you about it 🙂

Please answer the questions below. The summarized results of the survey, we will share with you. Your answers will not be published, the results will be made anonymous.

    Do you use the following standard iScala reporting tools?

    General Ledger internal Report Generator"Statistics" module

    Do you use RGW finctionality? (at least 1 checkbox must be checked)

    Standard ReportsFixed form reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and etc.)Corresponding Accounts (Chess Statement)Purchase Ledger and Sales LedgerDatabase StructureUsers reportsWe use RGW for printing documentsWe use RGW for integratingWe don't use RGW

    Do you use MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports? (at least 1 checkbox must be checked)

    Simple tabular reportsMatrix reportsReports with multivalued parametersDrill DownDrill UpDrill throughReports that perform actionsReports that are run on a scheduleWe use it for printing documents (MSRS channel)We are using SSRS for integration with other systemsWe don't use SSRS

    Do you use the following reporting tools?

    Crystal ReportsAFRXL ConnectQlikViewMS AccessReports that load data directly into Excel

    How much (approximately) custom reports has your organization? (required)

    If you use other reporting tools, please specify below:

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