One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.1 — 3.1.0511

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.1 — 3.1.0511 :: Список таблиц модуля «Заработная плата» / List of tables of module «Payroll»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
PA01 PA01%cc%yy PA01 — Payroll Parameters
PA02 PA02%cc00 PA02 — Unions
PA03 PA03%cc00 PA03 — Wage Types
PA04 PA04%cc00 PA04 — Employees
PA05 PA05%cc00 PA05 — Fixed Wage Types
PA06 PA06%cc00 PA06 — Payroll Statistics
PA07 PA07%cc00 PA07 — Reported Salary Transaction
PA08 PA08%cc00 PA08 — Tax Tables
PA09 PA09%cc00 PA09 — Payroll Calculation
PA10 PA10%cc00 PA10 — Payroll Payment List
PA11 PA11%cc00 PA11 — Employee History
PA12 PA12%cc00 PA12 — Employee Search Table
PA13 PA13%cc00 PA13 — Employee Record Setup
PA14 PA14%cc00 PA14 — Report Names
PA17 PA17%cc%yy PA17 — Payroll Journal
PA19 PA19%cc00 PA19 — Payroll Calculation Constants
PA20 PA20%cc00 PA20 — Extended Accumulators
PA23 PA23%cc00 PA23 — Previous Employees
PA24 PA24%cc00 PA24 — Previous Employees Search Table
PA25 PA25%cc00 PA25 — Previous Employees Extended Accumulators
PA2A PA2A%cc00 PA2A — Previous Employees Accumulators
PA2B PA2B%cc00 PA2B — Extended Accumulators Template
PA31 PA31%cc00 PA31 — Work Calendar
PA32 PA32%cc00 PA32 — Timesheet Parameters
PA33 PA33%cc00 PA33 — Time Sheets
PA34 PA34%cc00 PA34 — Payroll Periodical Accumulators
PA35 PA35%cc00 PA35 — Payroll Calculation Models
PA37 PA37%cc00 PA37 — Other Tables
PA38 PA38%cc00 PA38 — User Table Setup
PA39 PA39%cc00 PA39 — Payroll Dictionaries
PA3A PA3A%cc00 PA3A — Timesheet Parameters 2
PA40 PA40%cc00 PA40 — Dictionary Search Table
PA41 PA41%cc00 PA41 — Multilingual Name
PA44 PA44%cc00 PA44 — Periodical Accumulators Setup
PA45 PA45%cc00 PA45 — Report Work Table
PA46 PA46%cc00 PA46 — Employee History of Field Changes
PA4A PA4A%cc00 PA4A — Employee Accumulators
PA4B PA4B%cc00 PA4B — Employee Templates
PA4C PA4C%cc00 PA4C — Employees Accumulator Templates
PA4D PA4D%cc00 PA4D — Employee Image
PA50 PA50%cc00 PA50 — Dictionary Links
PA60 PA60%cc00 PA60 — Individual Timesheet Details
PA61 PA61%cc00 PA61 — Individual Timesheet
PA62 PA62%cc00 PA62 — PA62 Ts Signs
PA63 PA63%cc00 PA63 — PA63 Tc Main
PA64 PA64%cc00 PA64 — PA64 Tc Line
PA70 PA70%cc00 PA70 — Time Type
PA75 PA75%cc00 PA75 — Payroll History
PA76 PA76%cc00 PA76 — Payroll Transaction
PA77 PA77%cc00 PA77 — Payroll Groups
PA81 PA81%cc00 PA81 — Task Main
PA82 PA82%cc00 PA82 — Task Details
paAuditDetails paAuditDetails%cc00 paAuditDetails — Audit details
paAuditHeader paAuditHeader%cc00 paAuditHeader — Audit header
paBatchHeader paBatchHeader%cc00 paBatchHeader — Batch header
paBatchRepWages paBatchRepWages%cc00 paBatchRepWages — Batch of reported wages
paBTRepWages paBTRepWages%cc00 paBTRepWages — Business Transactions for Reported Wages
paBudgetDraft paBudgetDraft%cc00 paBudgetDraft — Budget Draft
paBudgetEmplAcc paBudgetEmplAcc%cc00 paBudgetEmplAcc — Budget Accumulators
paBudgetEmplCard paBudgetEmplCard%cc00 paBudgetEmplCard — Budget Employee Card
paBudgetEmplExtAcc paBudgetEmplExtAcc%cc00 paBudgetEmplExtAcc — Budget Extended Acc.
paBudgetEmplHistory paBudgetEmplHistory%cc00 paBudgetEmplHistory — Budget Employee History
paBudgetEmplPerAcc paBudgetEmplPerAcc%cc00 paBudgetEmplPerAcc — Spare table
paBudgetEmplSearch paBudgetEmplSearch%cc00 paBudgetEmplSearch — Budget Employee Search
paBudgetEmplTaxes paBudgetEmplTaxes%cc%yy paBudgetEmplTaxes — Budget employees-taxes links
paBudgetFixedWages paBudgetFixedWages%cc00 paBudgetFixedWages — Budget Fixed Wages
paBudgetHistoryOfChanges paBudgetHistoryOfChanges%cc00 paBudgetHistoryOfChanges — Budget History of Changes
paBudgetHistoryOfChangesYD paBudgetHistoryOfChangesYD%cc%yy paBudgetHistoryOfChangesYD — Budget History Of Changes (year dependent)
paBudgetLevels paBudgetLevels%cc00 paBudgetLevels — Budget Levels
paBudgetLevelsWages paBudgetLevelsWages%cc00 paBudgetLevelsWages — Budget Levels Wages
paBudgetPerAccsData paBudgetPerAccsData%cc00 paBudgetPerAccsData — Budget Periodical Accumulators
paBudgetPeriodDetails paBudgetPeriodDetails%cc00 paBudgetPeriodDetails — Budget Period Details
paBudgetPeriodHead paBudgetPeriodHead%cc00 paBudgetPeriodHead — Budget Period Head
paBudgetStat paBudgetStat%cc00 paBudgetStat — Budget Statistics
paCalcModelWages paCalcModelWages%cc00 paCalcModelWages — Calculated model wage types
paContractExt paContractExt%cc00 paContractExt — Contract extended attributes
paCustomFilterConfig paCustomFilterConfig%cc00 paCustomFilterConfig — Custom filter metadescriptions
paCustomTreeConfig paCustomTreeConfig%cc00 paCustomTreeConfig — Custom tree configuration
paDictExt paDictExt%cc00 paDictExt — Extension of dictionaries
paEmplHistory paEmplHistory%cc00 paEmplHistory — Employee history
paEmplTaxes paEmplTaxes%cc%yy paEmplTaxes — Employees-taxes links
paHistoryCategoryFields paHistoryCategoryFields%cc00 paHistoryCategoryFields — Fields of History Categories
paHistoryOfChanges paHistoryOfChanges%cc00 paHistoryOfChanges — History of Changes
paHistoryOfChangesYD paHistoryOfChangesYD%cc%yy paHistoryOfChangesYD — History Of Changes (year dependent)
PAL1 PAL1%cc00 PAL1 — PAL1 Comp Report Main
PAL2 PAL2%cc00 PAL2 — PAL2 Comp Report Details
paOlapLayouts paOlapLayouts%cc00 paOlapLayouts — OLAP Layouts
paPerAccs paPerAccs%cc00 paPerAccs — Periodical Accumulators Setup (Advanced Payroll)
paPerAccsData paPerAccsData%cc00 paPerAccsData — Periodical Accumulators Data (Advanced Payroll)
paPerAccsNames paPerAccsNames%cc00 paPerAccsNames — Periodical Accumulators Names
PAR1 PAR1%cc00 PAR1 — Report Main
PAR2 PAR2%cc00 PAR2 — Report Details
PAR3 PAR3%cc00 PAR3 — Definition
PAR4 PAR4%cc00 PAR4 — Definition Rules
paReportAccess paReportAccess%cc00 paReportAccess — Reports access
paSetupHist paSetupHist%cc00 paSetupHist — History of changes — Setup
paSetupHistYD paSetupHistYD%cc%yy paSetupHistYD — History of changes — Setup (year dependent)
paShifts paShifts%cc00 paShifts — Shifts
paTaxes paTaxes%cc%yy paTaxes — Taxes
paTaxesDetails paTaxesDetails%cc%yy paTaxesDetails — Details of taxes
paTaxesNames paTaxesNames%cc%yy paTaxesNames — Taxes names
paTimeActGroups paTimeActGroups%cc00 paTimeActGroups — Time Activity Groups
paTimeTrans paTimeTrans%cc00 paTimeTrans — Time transaction items
paTimeTransBatch paTimeTransBatch%cc00 paTimeTransBatch — Headers of time transactions
paTimeTransLinks paTimeTransLinks%cc00 paTimeTransLinks — Time transaction links
paTransStat paTransStat%cc%yy paTransStat — Payroll Journal Statistics
paTreeRelations paTreeRelations%cc00 paTreeRelations — Tree Relations
paTSStat paTSStat%cc00 paTSStat — Timesheet statistics
PAU3 PAU3%cc00 PAU3 — PAU3 User Group Rights
paWageExt paWageExt%cc00 paWageExt — Extension of wage types
PAX0 PAX0%cc00 PAX0 — Synchronization

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