One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.1 — 3.1.0511

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.1 — 3.1.0511 :: Список таблиц модуля «Статистика» / List of tables of module «Statistics»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
ST01 ST01%cc00 ST01 — Salesmen
ST02 ST02%cc00 ST02 — Sales Order Entry Statistics
ST03 ST03%cc00 ST03 — Sales Order Invoicing Statistics
ST05 ST05%cc00 ST05 — Sales Districts
ST06 ST060000 ST06 — Workfile for budgets
ST07 ST07%cc00 ST07 — Commission Rates
ST08 ST08%cc00 ST08 — Purchase Statistics
ST10 ST10%cc00 ST10 — Bookings
ST11 ST11%cc00 ST11 — Selected Bookings
ST12 ST12%cc00 ST12 — Yearly Booking File
ST13 ST13%cc00 ST13 — Service Statistics
ST14 ST140000 ST14 — Query On Statistics
ST15 ST15%cc00 ST15 — Purchase Order Header Statistics
ST16 ST16%cc00 ST16 — Purchase Order Line Statistics
ST17 ST17%cc00 ST17 — Purchase Order Ordering Statistics
ST18 ST18%cc00 ST18 — Purchase Order Confirmation Statistics
ST19 ST19%cc00 ST19 — Purchase Order Goods Receipt Statistics
ST20 ST20%cc00 ST20 — Purchase Order Invoice Statistics
ST22 ST22%cc00 ST22 — Sales Order Entry Statistics Advanced Discounts
ST23 ST23%cc00 ST23 — Sales Order Invoice Statistics Advanced Discounts
ST24 ST24%cc00 ST24 — Sales Contract Statistics
ST25 ST25%cc00 ST25 — Lease Statistics
ST30 ST30%cc00 ST30 — Stock Item — Packaging Codes
ST31 ST310000 ST31 — Temporary
ST40 ST40%cc00 ST40 — Packaging Material Cost Statistics
STCS STCS%cc00 STCS — Salesman Commission Setup
STST STST%cc00 STST — Generic Salesman Group

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