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Looking for the perfect ERP system. iScala’s strengths and weaknesses

Всё на одном экране. Худшие практики создания программ

I will try to speculate about the strengths and weaknesses of iScala based on my own ideas about what is good and what is “not very good”. Of course, this is my personal subjective opinion.

About different approaches to implementing iScala one more time

Over the past months I have been able to “be impressed” with the customization of iScala with several clients, where the “external” programs write “directly” to the iScala tables! Of course, I will be «silent like a fish» with respect to their names, but I can not help but say about my impressions. This is the method, the opponent of which I have always been and continue to be. I will not describe what this is fraught with and what consequences users of these applications sometimes encounter, I have no desire to discuss something specific or, God forbid, to criticize my colleagues who developed it, I only criticize the approach.