One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317 :: Список таблиц модуля «База Данных рынка»/List of tables of module «Market Database»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
MA01 MA01%cc00 MA01 — Market Database
MA03 MA03%cc00 MA03 — Contacts
MA04 MA04%cc00 MA04 — Campaigns
MA06 MA060000 MA06 — Market Parameters
MA07 MA070000 MA07 — Definition User Fields
MA08 MA08%cc00 MA08 — Code File
MA09 MA09%cc00 MA09 — Notes People
MA10 MA10%cc00 MA10 — Report List
MA11 MA110000 MA11 — User Database Field Definitions
MA12 MA12%cc00 MA12 — Diary
MA13 MA13%cc00 MA13 — OBF file
MA14 MA14%cc00 MA14 — Products and Product Groups
MA16 MA160000 MA16 — User Code Descriptions
MA17 MA170000 MA17 — Definitions Extra Files
MA18 MA180000 MA18 — Mail Attributes
MA19 MA19%cc00 MA19 — Prospect Templates
MA20 MA20%cc00 MA20 — Customer Request Header
MA21 MA21%cc00 MA21 — Customer Request Lines
MA22 MA22%cc00 MA22 — Customer Request Description
MA23 MA23%cc00 MA23 — Customer Request Line Description
MA24 MA24%cc00 MA24 — Customer Request Parameters

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