One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317 :: Список таблиц модуля «Заказ на Закупку»/List of tables of module «Purchase Order»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
PC01 PC01%cc00 PC01 — Purchase Order Head
PC03 PC03%cc00 PC03 — Purchase Order Lines
PC04 PC04%cc00 PC04 — Delivery Addresses
PC05 PC05%cc00 PC05 — Purchase Order Parameters
PC06 PC06%cc00 PC06 — Purchase Order Document Text
PC07 PC07%cc00 PC07 — Purchase Phrase File
PC08 PC08%cc00 PC08 — Suppliers for Quotes
PC10 PC10%cc00 PC10 — Purchase Proposals
PC11 PC11%cc00 PC11 — Import Document Parameter File
PC12 PC12%cc00 PC12 — Purchase Coding Slips
PC14 PC14%cc00 PC14 — Order Line Del.
PC15 PC15%cc00 PC15 — P.Ord.Line.Deliv
PC17 PC17%cc00 PC17 — Purchase Order Text Lines
PC19 PC19%cc00 PC19 — Purchase Order Delivery Lines
PC20 PC20%cc00 PC20 — Received Invoices — Costs
PC21 PC21%cc00 PC21 — Received Invoices — Terms
PC22 PC22%cc00 PC22 — Received Invoices — Header
PC23 PC23%cc00 PC23 — Received Invoices — Lines
PC24 PC24%cc00 PC24 — Received Invoices — Taxes
PC25 PC25%cc00 PC25 — Supplier Statistics Data
PC26 PC26%cc00 PC26 — Transport Documents
PC27 PC27%cc00 PC27 — Import Documents
PC28 PC28%cc00 PC28 — Spare
PC29 PC29%cc00 PC29 — Service Order Transport Document Parameters
PC2S PC2S%cc00 PC2S — Purchase Invoice Self-Invoice Description Lines
PC2T PC2T%cc00 PC2T — Received Invoices — Text Lines
PC30 PC30%cc00 PC30 — Consolidated Goods Received Notes
PC3L PC3L%cc00 PC3L — Purchase Order Lines Lead Time Details
PC41 PC41%cc00 PC41 — Purchase Order Head History
PC42 PC42%cc00 PC42 — Purchase Order Lines History
PC43 PC43%cc00 PC43 — Purchase Order Delivery Lines History
PC44 PC44%cc00 PC44 — Purchase Order Text Lines History
PC45 PC45%cc00 PC45 — Delivery Address History
PC46 PC46%cc00 PC46 — Purchase Order Lines Lead Time Details History
PCB1 PCB1%cc00 PCB1 — Purchase Order BOM Node
PCB2 PCB2%cc00 PCB2 — Purchase Order BOM Node Name
PCB3 PCB3%cc00 PCB3 — Purchase Order BOM Link
PCB4 PCB4%cc00 PCB4 — Purchase Order BOM Branch
PCBD PCBD%cc00 PCBD — Budget Reservations
PCD1 PCD1%cc00 PCD1 — Customs Declaration Header
PCD2 PCD2%cc00 PCD2 — Customs Declaration Lines
PCD3 PCD3%cc00 PCD3 — Customs Declaration Batch Lines
PCD4 PCD4%cc00 PCD4 — Customs Declaration Cost Allocation Lines
PCD7 PCD7%cc00 PCD7 — Customs Declaration Taxes
PCD8 PCD8%cc00 PCD8 — Customs Declaration’s NCM codes
PCH1 PCH1%cc00 PCH1 — Purchase Order BOM Node History
PCH2 PCH2%cc00 PCH2 — Purchase Order BOM Node Name History
PCH3 PCH3%cc00 PCH3 — Purchase Order BOM Link History
PCH4 PCH4%cc00 PCH4 — Purchase Order BOM Branch History
PCHC PCHC%cc00 PCHC — Authorization levels
PCI2 PCI2%cc00 PCI2 — Instalments
PCI4 PCI4%cc00 PCI4 — Instalments History
PCMT PCMT%cc00 PCMT — Business Transaction Type Purchase Order Mapping
PCR1 PCR1%cc00 PCR1 — Requisition Header
PCR2 PCR2%cc00 PCR2 — Requisition Line
PCR3 PCR3%cc00 PCR3 — Requisition Template Header
PCR4 PCR4%cc00 PCR4 — Requisition Template Line
PCR5 PCR5%cc00 PCR5 — Requisition History Lines
PCR6 PCR6%cc00 PCR6 — Requisition Type Setup
PCR7 PCR7%cc00 PCR7 — Requisition Type/Stock Item Status Setup
PCR8 PCR8%cc00 PCR8 — Requisition Header History
PCR9 PCR9%cc00 PCR9 — Approval Matrix
PCT1 PCT1%cc00 PCT1 — PC VAT Transactions
PCTF PCTF%cc00 PCTF — Order Template foreign descriptions
PCTH PCTH%cc00 PCTH — Order Template Header
PCTL PCTL%cc00 PCTL — Order Template columns
PCWT PCWT%cc00 PCWT — Purchase Invoice WH Taxes
PCXC PCXC0000 PCXC — Work file for CGRN adjustment
PCXX PCXX%cc00 PCXX — P.Ord.Inv.Entry
PCXY PCXY%cc00 PCXY — Purchase Inv.w.

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