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На один уровень вверх / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.2 (x64) — 3.2.0317 :: Список таблиц модуля «Заказы на Продажу»/List of tables of module «Sales Order»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
OR01 OR01%cc00 OR01 — Sales Order Head
OR03 OR03%cc00 OR03 — Sales Order Lines
OR04 OR04%cc00 OR04 — Sales Order Delivery Addresses
OR05 OR05%cc00 OR05 — Order Parameters
OR06 OR06%cc00 OR06 — Document Text File
OR07 OR07%cc00 OR07 — Phrase File
OR09 OR09%cc00 OR09 — Export Document Parameters
OR10 OR10%cc00 OR10 — Transport Document Parameters
OR11 OR11%cc00 OR11 — Transport Documents
OR12 OR12%cc00 OR12 — Order History (Compressed)
OR13 OR13%cc00 OR13 — External Programs
OR14 OR14%cc00 OR14 — Order Status
OR16 OR160000 OR16 — ECC doc.printout
OR17 OR17%cc00 OR17 — Order Text Lines
OR18 OR18%cc00 OR18 — Order History Text (Compressed)
OR19 OR19%cc00 OR19 — Order Delivery Lines
OR20 OR20%cc00 OR20 — Sales Order Head History
OR21 OR21%cc00 OR21 — Sales Order Lines History
OR22 OR22%cc00 OR22 — Sales Order Delivery Addresses History
OR23 OR23%cc00 OR23 — Order Delivery Lines History
OR24 OR24%cc00 OR24 — Order Text Lines History
OR25 OR25%cc00 OR25 — Order Line Amount History
OR26 OR26%cc00 OR26 — Order Total Amounts History
OR27 OR27%cc00 OR27 — Discount Groups
OR29 OR29%cc00 OR29 — Order Lines Lead Time Details History
OR2A OR2A%cc00 OR2A — Discount Group Descriptions
OR2E OR2E%cc00 OR2E — History Transport Documents
OR33 OR33%cc00 OR33 — Sales Order Discount Lines
OR34 OR34%cc00 OR34 — Sales Order Discount Lines History
OR3L OR3L%cc00 OR3L — Order Lines Lead Time Details
OR40 OR40%cc00 OR40 — Sales Order Header Historical Versions
OR41 OR41%cc00 OR41 — Sales Order Lines Historical Versions
OR42 OR42%cc00 OR42 — Sales Order Text Line Historical Versions
OR43 OR43%cc00 OR43 — Sales Order Delivery Address Historical Version
OR44 OR44%cc00 OR44 — Sales Order Discount Lines Historical Version
OR45 OR45%cc00 OR45 — Order Lines Lead Time Details Historical Versions
OR50 OR50%cc00 OR50 — Packaging Material per Sales Order Line
OR51 OR51%cc00 OR51 — Packaging Material per Sales Order Line, history
OR52 OR52%cc00 OR52 — Packaging Material per Sales Order Line, version history
OR91 OR91%cc00 OR91 — Export Invoice
OR92 OR92%cc00 OR92 — Freight Document (Finnish)
ORB1 ORB1%cc00 ORB1 — Sales Order BOM Node
ORB2 ORB2%cc00 ORB2 — Sales Order BOM Name
ORB3 ORB3%cc00 ORB3 — Sales Order BOM Link
ORB4 ORB4%cc00 ORB4 — Sales Order BOM Branch
ORD0 ORD0%cc00 ORD0 — Drop Shipment, Template
ORD2 ORD2%cc00 ORD2 — Drop Shipment Lines
ORD3 ORD3%cc00 ORD3 — Drop Shipment History
ORDW ORDW0000 ORDW — Wrk Documents
ORH1 ORH1%cc00 ORH1 — Sales Order BOM Node History
ORH2 ORH2%cc00 ORH2 — Sales Order BOM Node Name History
ORH3 ORH3%cc00 ORH3 — Sales Order BOM Link History
ORH4 ORH4%cc00 ORH4 — Sales Order BOM Branch History
ORI2 ORI2%cc00 ORI2 — Instalments
ORI4 ORI4%cc00 ORI4 — Instalments History
ORMT ORMT%cc00 ORMT — Business Transaction Type Sales Order Mapping
ORN1 ORN1%cc00 ORN1 — Order Notes
ORN2 ORN2%cc00 ORN2 — Order Notes history
ORN3 ORN3%cc00 ORN3 — Notes version history
ORR1 ORR1%cc00 ORR1 — Original Order Link
ORR2 ORR2%cc00 ORR2 — History Original Order Link
ORT1 ORT1%cc00 ORT1 — Sales Order Tax Transactions
ORTF ORTF%cc00 ORTF — Order Template foreign description
ORTH ORTH%cc00 ORTH — Order Template header
ORTL ORTL%cc00 ORTL — Order Template columns
ORV1 ORV1%cc00 ORV1 — Sale Order BOM Node Version History
ORV2 ORV2%cc00 ORV2 — Sales Order BOM Node Name Version History
ORV3 ORV3%cc00 ORV3 — Sales Order BOM Node Link Version History
ORV4 ORV4%cc00 ORV4 — Sales Order BOM Node Branch Version History
ORWA ORWA0000 ORWA — Order Work A
ORWK ORWK0000 ORWK — Order Work K
ORXM ORXM%cc00 ORXM — Order Merge wrk
ORXX ORXX0000 ORXX — External Upd.Wr
ORXY ORXY0000 ORXY — Closing Ord.Wrk

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