One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «Asset Management»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
AM31 AM31%cc00 AM31 — Asset Master Table
AM32 AM32%cc00 AM32 — Asset Master Templates
AM33 AM33%cc00 AM33 — Fixed Asset Parameters
AM34 AM340000 AM34 — WrkDepreciation
AM35 AM35%cc%yy AM35 — Depreciations Current Year
AM36 AM36%cc00 AM36 — Depreciations per Currency
AM37 AM37%cc00 AM37 — Depreciations per Currency Templates
AMFA AMFA%cc%yy AMFA — FA Automatic Accounting Schedule
AMFR AMFR%cc%yy AMFR — FA Revaluation Work
AMH1 AMH1%cc00 AMH1 — Fixed Assets History
AMH6 AMH6%cc00 AMH6 — Depreciation per Currency History
AMPR AMPR%cc%yy AMPR — FA Revaluation Parameters
AMR1 AMR1%cc%yy AMR1 — Spare
AMT1 AMT1%cc00 AMT1 — Fixed Asset Transactions
AMT5 AMT5%cc%yy AMT5 — Year Depreciation Transactions
AMT6 AMT6%cc00 AMT6 — Depreciations per Currency Transactions
AMTP AMTP%cc00 AMTP — Fixed Asset Profiles

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