One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «General Ledger»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
GL00 GL00%cc00 GL00 — Ordered Reports File
GL03 GL03%cc%yy GL03 — Accounting Dimensions
GL06 GL06%cc%yy GL06 — General Ledger Transactions
GL07 GL07%cc%yy GL07 — Daybook Journal Transactions
GL08 GL08%cc%yy GL08 — Opening Balance Journal Transactions
GL09 GL09%cc00 GL09 — Report Layouts
GL10 GL10%cc%yy GL10 — General Ledger Parameters
GL11 GL11%cc00 GL11 — Automatic Allocations
GL12 GL12%cc%yy GL12 — Chart of Account Headings
GL14 GL14%cc%yy GL14 — Simulation Transactions
GL15 GL15%cc00 GL15 — Transaction Workfile C
GL16 GL16%cc%yy GL16 — General Ledger Parameters 2
GL18 GL18%cc00 GL18 — Phrase File
GL19 GL19%cc00 GL19 — Transaction Workfile D
GL1A GL1A%cc%yy GL1A — GL Budget Profiles
GL21 GL21%cc00 GL21 — Project History Transactions
GL22 GL22%cc00 GL22 — Transaction Workfile A
GL23 GL23%cc00 GL23 — Report Generator
GL24 GL24%cc00 GL24 — Report Notes
GL25 GL25%cc00 GL25 — Report Interactive Notes
GL26 GL26%cc00 GL26 — Cash Flow Planned Transaction Setup
GL27 GL27%cc00 GL27 — Cash Flow Accounts
GL28 GL28%cc00 GL28 — Parameter File Interest Charge Project
GL29 GL29%cc00 GL29 — Account Number Alias
GL30 GL30%cc00 GL30 — Transaction Workfile B
GL34 GL340000 GL34 — WrkDepreciation
GL40 GL40%cc%yy GL40 — Consolidated Currencies
GL41 GL41%cc%yy GL41 — Consolidation Account Translations
GL42 GL42%cc00 GL42 — Cash-Book Reconciliation Accounts
GL43 GL43%cc00 GL43 — Cash-Book Reconciliation Transactions
GL44 GL44%cc00 GL44 — Workfile Cheques
GL45 GL45%cc%yy GL45 — Transaction Text
GL46 GL46%cc%yy GL46 — Valid Coding Combinations
GL52 GL52%cc%yy GL52 — General Ledger Balances
GL53 GL53%cc%yy GL53 — Account Schedule
GL55 GL55%cc%yy GL55 — Foreign Descriptions
GL56 GL56%cc%yy GL56 — Commitments
GL57 GL57%cc00 GL57 — Bank Statement Header
GL58 GL58%cc00 GL58 — Bank Statement Transactions
GL59 GL59%cc00 GL59 — Reconcilation Proposal
GL5A GL5A%cc%yy GL5A — Multi-Currency Links
GL5B GL5B%cc%yy GL5B — Multi-Currency General Ledger Balances
GL5C GL5C%cc00 GL5C — Bank Definition
GL5D GL5D%cc%yy GL5D — Multi-Link Statistical Account Balances
GL5S GL5S%cc%yy GL5S — SPED parameters
GL60 GL60%cc00 GL60 — Compound Allocations
GL61 GL61%cc00 GL61 — Compound Allocation Descriptions
GL62 GL62%cc00 GL62 — Compound Allocation Lines
GL65 GL65%cc00 GL65 — Compound Allocation Remeasurement Transactions
GL67 GL67%cc00 GL67 — Compound Allocation Selection History
GL77 GL77%cc00 GL77 — EMU Conversion Set-up
GL80 GL80%cc%yy GL80 — Un-Authorized Transactions (Greece)
GLB2 GLB2%cc00 GLB2 — Operation Details
GLB3 GLB3%cc00 GLB3 — Receipt Information
GLBT GLBT%cc%yy GLBT — Converted GL06 transactions
GLC1 GLC1%cc00 GLC1 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Message
GLC2 GLC2%cc00 GLC2 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Message Page
GLC3 GLC3%cc00 GLC3 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification
GLC4 GLC4%cc00 GLC4 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry
GLC5 GLC5%cc00 GLC5 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail
GLC6 GLC6%cc00 GLC6 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction
GLC7 GLC7%cc00 GLC7 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction Unstructured Remittance
GLC8 GLC8%cc00 GLC8 — Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction Structured Remittance
GLC9 GLC9%cc00 GLC9 — Charges
GLCB GLCB%cc%yy GLCB — Petty Cash Master Table
GLCD GLCD%cc%yy GLCD — Petty Cash Desk Parameters
GLCE GLCE%cc00 GLCE — Cash Office
GLCF GLCF%cc00 GLCF — Cash Office Language Dependent Description
GLCG GLCG%cc00 GLCG — Reason Code
GLCH GLCH%cc00 GLCH — Notification processing template header
GLCI GLCI%cc00 GLCI — Reason Code Language Dependent Description
GLCL GLCL%cc00 GLCL — Notification processing template Line
GLCW GLCW0000 GLCW — Compound Periodic Allocation Work File
GLCX GLCX%cc%yy GLCX — Petty Cash Extension File
GLCY GLCY%cc%yy GLCY — Petty Cash Transaction File
GLEB GLEB%cc%yy GLEB — Extended General Ledger Balance
GLGL GLGL%cc00 GLGL — GL Consolidation
GLH0 GLH0%cc00 GLH0 — PMS Interface File Structure Definition (Header)
GLH1 GLH1%cc00 GLH1 — PMS Interface File Structure Definition (Records)
GLH2 GLH2%cc00 GLH2 — PMS Interface Mapping File
GLHI GLHI%cc00 GLHI — FA Transaction History
GLII GLII%cc00 GLII — Company fiscal parameters for Italian fiscal reports
GLR1 GLR1%cc00 GLR1 — Revenue Recognition, History
GLR2 GLR2%cc00 GLR2 — Revenue Recognition Details, History
GLR6 GLR6%cc%yy GLR6 — GL Reversed Transactions
GLR7 GLR7%cc%yy GLR7 — GL Reversed Transactions in Daybook Journal
GLRD GLRD%cc00 GLRD — Revenue Recognition Details
GLRH GLRH%cc00 GLRH — Revenue Recognition History WIP Journal
GLRJ GLRJ%cc%yy GLRJ — Revenue Recognition Day Book Journal
GLRM GLRM%cc00 GLRM — Revenue Recognition Model Codes
GLRR GLRR%cc00 GLRR — Revenue Recognition
GLTH GLTH%cc%yy GLTH — BLiner functionality
GLTM GLTM%cc00 GLTM — Transaction Mapping
GLTR GLTR%cc%yy GLTR — Transformation Rules for BLiner functionality
GLXX GLXX0000 GLXX — Wrk. Acc.Spec.
GLXZ GLXZ0000 GLXZ — SQL work file
GLZZ GLZZ%cc00 GLZZ — Hyperion Export Parameters

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