One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.3 (x64) — 3.3.0419 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «Project Management»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
PR01 PR01%cc00 PR01 — Project Master Table
PR02 PR02%cc00 PR02 — Project Activities
PR03 PR03%cc00 PR03 — Project Activity Transactions
PR10 PR10%cc00 PR10 — Activity Master Table
PR11 PR11%cc00 PR11 — Activity Price Lists
PR13 PR13%cc00 PR13 — Project Module Parameters
PR14 PR14%cc00 PR14 — Project Invoice Text File
PR15 PR15%cc00 PR15 — Project Delivery Addresses
PR17 PR17%cc00 PR17 — Project Text Lines
PR18 PR18%cc00 PR18 — Project Account Rule On-charges
PR19 PR19%cc00 PR19 — Project Sub-project/Resource/Activity Price/Markup
PR23 PR23%cc%yy PR23 — Project Planning Calendar
PR24 PR24%cc00 PR24 — Project User Database File
PR25 PR25%cc00 PR25 — User Database Definitions
PR26 PR26%cc00 PR26 — User Database Field Definitions
PR27 PR27%cc00 PR27 — Project Invoice Proposal Transactions
PR28 PR28%cc00 PR28 — Project Invoice Proposal Head
PR29 PR29%cc00 PR29 — Project Invoice History
PR30 PR30%cc00 PR30 — Project User Code File Definition
PR31 PR31%cc00 PR31 — Project Invoice Plan
PR32 PR32%cc%yy PR32 — Project Accounting Journal
PR33 PR33%cc%yy PR33 — Project Automatic Account Coding Schedule
PR34 PR34%cc00 PR34 — Project Budgets and Forecasts
PR35 PR35%cc00 PR35 — Project Sub-projects
PR36 PR36%cc00 PR36 — Main Projects
PR37 PR37%cc00 PR37 — Project Templates
PR38 PR38%cc00 PR38 — Project Invoice History Details
PR39 PR39%cc%yy PR39 — Project Management Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule
PR41 PR41%cc00 PR41 — Transaction Journal
PR42 PR42%cc00 PR42 — Transaction Journal Text Lines
PR43 PR43%cc00 PR43 — Resource Time Cards
PR44 PR44%cc00 PR44 — Project Delivered Material
PR45 PR45%cc00 PR45 — Invoice Statistics Head
PR46 PR46%cc00 PR46 — Invoice Statistics Lines
PR47 PR47%cc00 PR47 — Invoice Statistics Material
PR48 PR48%cc00 PR48 — Import/Export definitions
PR49 PR49%cc00 PR49 — WIP History
PR50 PR50%cc00 PR50 — Sales Order Template
PR51 PR51%cc00 PR51 — Project Activity Descriptions
PR52 PR52%cc00 PR52 — Invoice Specification
PR53 PR53%cc00 PR53 — Project Capitalization history
PRGL PRGL%cc00 PRGL — Project History WIP Journal
PRI0 PRI0%cc00 PRI0 — Project Instalments
PRI2 PRI2%cc00 PRI2 — Project Instalment Lines
PRI4 PRI4%cc00 PRI4 — Project Instalment Lines History
PRX1 PRX10000 PRX1 — Wrk. PR0162
PRX2 PRX20000 PRX2 — Time Planning w
PRX3 PRX30000 PRX3 — Cl.Pj.Inv. wrk.
PRX4 PRX40000 PRX4 — Ed.Inv.Prop.wrk
PRX5 PRX50000 PRX5 — Ed.Inv.Prop.wr1
PRX6 PRX60000 PRX6 — Invoice History Enquiry Table
PRX7 PRX70000 PRX7 — Ed.Inv.Hist.wr1
PRX8 PRX80000 PRX8 — View Activites
PRX9 PRX90000 PRX9 — Pj.Int.Debit w.
PRXX PRXX0000 PRXX — Tr.Entries wrk.
PRXY PRXY0000 PRXY — Tr.Entries txt.
PRXZ PRXZ0000 PRXZ — Reports wrk.

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