One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.4 (x64) — 3.4.0399

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.4 (x64) — 3.4.0399 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «Purchase Ledger»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
PL01 PL01%cc00 PL01 — Suppliers
PL03 PL03%cc00 PL03 — Purchase Ledger Invoices
PL04 PL04%cc%yy PL04 — Purchase Ledger Invoice Journal
PL05 PL05%cc%yy PL05 — Purchase Ledger Payment Journal
PL07 PL07%cc00 PL07 — Payment Proposal
PL08 PL08%cc%yy PL08 — Purchase Ledger Parameters
PL09 PL09%cc%yy PL09 — Purchase Ledger Automatic Accounting Table
PL10 PL10%cc00 PL10 — Payment Ledger
PL14 PL14%cc00 PL14 — Shipping Addresses
PL15 PL15%cc00 PL15 — Payment Methods
PL16 PL16%cc00 PL16 — Payment Methods Layouts
PL17 PL17%cc00 PL17 — VAT Transactions
PL18 PL18%cc00 PL18 — Withholding Tax Transactions
PL19 PL19%cc00 PL19 — Suppliers Templates
PL21 PL21%cc00 PL21 — Purchase Ledger Payments
PL22 PL22%cc00 PL22 — Payment Terms PL
PL23 PL23%cc00 PL23 — Payment Terms Descriptions
PL24 PL24%cc00 PL24 — Tax details for prepayment
PL25 PL25%cc00 PL25 — Tax details for payment
PL30 PL30%cc00 PL30 — Check Register
PL32 PL32%cc00 PL32 — User defined parameters
PL33 PL33%cc00 PL33 — Values for user defined parameters
PL40 PL40%cc00 PL40 — Prepayment Allocation Lines
PL41 PL41%cc00 PL41 — Prepayment Tax Lines
PL43 PL43%cc00 PL43 — Prepayment Deductions
PL44 PL44%cc00 PL44 — Prepayment Documents
PL45 PL45%cc00 PL45 — Extended Bank Info
PL46 PL46%cc00 PL46 — Invoice OCR Payment Reference
PL50 PL50%cc00 PL50 — Payment Proposal Header
PL51 PL51%cc00 PL51 — Payment Proposal Lines
PL56 PL56%cc00 PL56 — Swedish BankGiro, PlusGiro services
PL88 PL88%cc00 PL88 — Check Printout
PL92 PL920000 PL92 — Foreign Payment Temp File I/O
PL93 PL930000 PL93 — Foreign Payment Temp File I/O
PL95 PL950000 PL95 — Russian VAT wrk
PL96 PL960000 PL96 — DueDate report
PL97 PL970000 PL97 — Ledger Statement
PL98 PL98%cc00 PL98 — EC Tax Reports
PLA1 PLA1%cc00 PLA1 — SL account exceptions for revaluation procedure
PLAG PLAG%cc00 PLAG — Payment Proposal MetaData info
PLB1 PLB1%cc00 PLB1 — Transportation Terms
PLB4 PLB4%cc00 PLB4 — Tax note description lines
PLBT PLBT%cc00 PLBT — Blocking Template
PLC0 PLC0%cc00 PLC0 — Import information from customs certificates or invoices
PLDA PLDA%cc00 PLDA — SEPA Debtor Accounts
PLE0 PLE0%cc00 PLE0 — Spain Payment Parameters
PLH3 PLH30000 PLH3 — Recharge Invoice Accounts Payable Header
PLH4 PLH40000 PLH4 — Recharge Invoice Accounts Payable transaction lines
PLH5 PLH5%cc00 PLH5 — Purchase Invoice Line History
PLH6 PLH60000 PLH6 — Inter-Company Transaction Entry
PLH7 PLH70000 PLH7 — Entities and Amounts for current invoice(Work)
PLHA PLHA%cc00 PLHA — Recharge Invoice Parameters
PLHB PLHB0000 PLHB — Recharge Invoice Parameters — Target Company
PLHC PLHC0000 PLHC — Work file for entering inter-company transactions
PLHD PLHD0000 PLHD — Recharge Invoice Tax amount
PLHE PLHE0000 PLHE — Recharge expense amounts
PLHF PLHF0000 PLHF — Recharge Amounts
PLHG PLHG%cc00 PLHG — Recharge Invoice Distribution Templates
PLI1 PLI1%cc00 PLI1 — Payment Term Instalments PL Header
PLI2 PLI2%cc00 PLI2 — Payment Term Instalments PL Lines
PLI3 PLI3%cc00 PLI3 — Payment Term Instalments PL
PLIN PLIN%cc00 PLIN — Invoice Based Intrastat PL
PLL1 PLL1%cc00 PLL1 — Supplier Tax Exemptions
PLL2 PLL2%cc00 PLL2 — Supplier Payment Balances
PLL3 PLL3%cc00 PLL3 — Payment Proposal Retentions
PLM0 PLM0%cc00 PLM0 — Mandate
PLM5 PLM5%cc00 PLM5 — Bank Account Number for Currency Code
PLMH PLMH%cc00 PLMH — Mandate history
PLPU PLPU%cc00 PLPU — Payment Proposal unique parameters
PLR4 PLR4%cc%yy PLR4 — PL Reversed Transaction
PLRE PLRE%cc00 PLRE — Additional group status reason data
PLS0 PLS0%cc00 PLS0 — SEPA Instalment ? Bank account
PLSE PLSE%cc00 PLSE — SEPA CRT payments and receipts
PLSG PLSG%cc00 PLSG — SEPA Grouping Parameters
PLT7 PLT7%cc00 PLT7 — Temp Tax table for autopayments
PLTC PLTC0000 PLTC — Work File for Printing Tax Certificate
PLTE PLTE%cc00 PLTE — Additional transaction status reason data

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