One level Up / One level Up: Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.4 (x64) — 3.4.0399

Структура таблиц / Table structure Epicor iScala 3.4 (x64) — 3.4.0399 :: Список таблиц модуля /List of tables of module «Service Order Management»

Название Таблицы / Table Name Маска Таблицы / Table Mask Описание Таблицы / Table Description
SM01 SM01%cc00 SM01 — Service Order Master Table
SM02 SM02%cc00 SM02 — Service Order Status History
SM03 SM03%cc00 SM03 — Service Order Activity Lines
SM04 SM04%cc00 SM04 — Service Order Invoice Customers
SM05 SM05%cc00 SM05 — Service Order Cost Lines
SM06 SM06%cc00 SM06 — Service Order Delivery Lines
SM07 SM07%cc00 SM07 — Service Order Material Lines
SM08 SM08%cc00 SM08 — Service Order Internal Invoice Summary
SM09 SM09%cc00 SM09 — Service Order Text Storage
SM10 SM10%cc00 SM10 — Service Order Type Parameter
SM11 SM11%cc00 SM11 — Service Contract Master
SM13 SM13%cc00 SM13 — Service Contract Lines
SM15 SM15%cc00 SM15 — Service Contract Parameters
SM16 SM16%cc00 SM16 — Service Contract Document Texts
SM17 SM17%cc00 SM17 — Phrase File
SM18 SM18%cc00 SM18 — Contract Price Table
SM1T SM1T%cc00 SM1T — Service Contract Line Texts
SM20 SM20%cc%yy SM20 — Service Contract Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule
SM23 SM23%cc00 SM23 — Service Order Planning Calendar
SM24 SM24%cc00 SM24 — Service Order Activities
SM25 SM25%cc00 SM25 — Service Order Activity & Cost Prices
SM26 SM26%cc00 SM26 — Service Order Parameters
SM27 SM27%cc00 SM27 — Service Order Document Texts (not used)
SM28 SM28%cc00 SM28 — Service Order Phrase Texts
SM29 SM29%cc00 SM29 — Service Order Templates
SM2A SM2A%cc00 SM2A — Service Order Material Lead Time Details History
SM2D SM2D%cc00 SM2D — Service Order Activity Descriptions
SM30 SM30%cc00 SM30 — WIP Transaction Control Table
SM31 SM31%cc%yy SM31 — WIP Transaction Journal
SM32 SM32%cc00 SM32 — Service Job Description
SM33 SM33%cc%yy SM33 — WIP Transaction Journal
SM34 SM34%cc00 SM34 — Price Calculation Profiles
SM35 SM35%cc00 SM35 — Service Contract Index File
SM36 SM36%cc00 SM36 — Index History File
SM37 SM37%cc00 SM37 — Service Order Pager
SM38 SM38%cc00 SM38 — Standard Accessories
SM39 SM39%cc00 SM39 — Accounting Rules
SM3H SM3H%cc00 SM3H — Service Job Header
SM3L SM3L%cc00 SM3L — Service Order Material Lead Time Details
SM3T SM3T%cc00 SM3T — Service Job Description Texts
SM41 SM41%cc00 SM41 — Service Order Head History
SM42 SM42%cc00 SM42 — History Service Order Status History
SM43 SM43%cc00 SM43 — Service Order Activity Lines History
SM44 SM44%cc00 SM44 — Service Order Cost Lines History
SM45 SM45%cc00 SM45 — Service Order Material Lines History
SM46 SM46%cc00 SM46 — Service Management Texts History
SM47 SM47%cc00 SM47 — Service Order Delivery Lines History
SM48 SM48%cc00 SM48 — Service Order Invoice Customers History
SM50 SM50%cc00 SM50 — Warranty Extension
SM51 SM51%cc00 SM51 — Service Order Discount Lines
SM52 SM52%cc00 SM52 — Service Order Discount Lines History
SM61 SM61%cc00 SM61 — Service Order Error Key (not used)
SM62 SM62%cc00 SM62 — Service Order Errors (not used)
SM63 SM63%cc%yy SM63 — Service Order Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule
SM64 SM64%cc%yy SM64 — Service Management Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule
SM68 SM68%cc00 SM68 — Service Order External Program List
SM69 SM69%cc00 SM69 — Contract Codes
SM70 SM70%cc00 SM70 — Contract Invoicing History
SM71 SM71%cc00 SM71 — Service Contract Deferrals Booking History
SM72 SM72%cc00 SM72 — Service Invoice Sort File
SM73 SM73%cc00 SM73 — Picking Locations
SM74 SM74%cc00 SM74 — Picking Locations Lines
SM75 SM75%cc00 SM75 — Delivery Schedule
SM80 SM80%cc00 SM80 — Help Desk Header
SM81 SM81%cc00 SM81 — Help Desk Solution Code
SM82 SM82%cc00 SM82 — Help Desk Instructions
SM83 SM83%cc00 SM83 — Service Order User Def Tables (not used)
SM84 SM84%cc00 SM84 — Service Order User Def Fields (not used)
SM85 SM85%cc00 SM85 — Contract Line Activities
SM90 SM90%cc00 SM90 — Service Order Image Implementation
SM91 SM91%cc00 SM91 — WIP Labour History
SM92 SM92%cc00 SM92 — WIP Cost History
SM93 SM93%cc00 SM93 — WIP Material History
SM94 SM94%cc00 SM94 — Export Document Parameters
SM95 SM95%cc00 SM95 — Service Order Transport Document Parameters
SM96 SM96%cc00 SM96 — Service Order Transport Documents
SM97 SM97%cc00 SM97 — Master Suborder Link Table
SM98 SM98%cc00 SM98 — Master Suborder Links History
SMAC SMAC%cc00 SMAC — Work file for accounting summary
SMB1 SMB1%cc00 SMB1 — Service Order BOM Node
SMB2 SMB2%cc00 SMB2 — Service BOM Node Name
SMB3 SMB3%cc00 SMB3 — Service Order BOM Link
SMB4 SMB4%cc00 SMB4 — Service Order BOM Branch
SMC1 SMC1%cc00 SMC1 — Check List
SMC2 SMC2%cc00 SMC2 — Check List Lines
SMD0 SMD0%cc00 SMD0 — Drop Shipment Templates
SMD2 SMD2%cc00 SMD2 — Service Order Drop Shipment Lines
SMD3 SMD3%cc00 SMD3 — Service Order Drop Shipment Lines History
SMDW SMDW%cc00 SMDW — Work File for Documents
SMEX SMEX%cc00 SMEX — Extended Order Header
SMF2 SMF2%cc00 SMF2 — Filter Shop
SMH1 SMH1%cc00 SMH1 — Service Order BOM Nodes History
SMH2 SMH2%cc00 SMH2 — Service Order BOM Node Names History
SMH3 SMH3%cc00 SMH3 — Service Order BOM Links History
SMH4 SMH4%cc00 SMH4 — Service Order BOM Branches History
SMHA SMHA%cc00 SMHA — Service Order Cost and Time History Transactions
SMHM SMHM%cc00 SMHM — Service Order Material History Transactions
SMHS SMHS%cc00 SMHS — Service order material lines
SMI2 SMI2%cc00 SMI2 — Service Order Instalment Lines
SMI4 SMI4%cc00 SMI4 — Service Order Instalment Lines History
SMMT SMMT%cc00 SMMT — Business Transaction Type Service Order Mapping
SMP1 SMP1%cc00 SMP1 — Preventive Maintenance Plan
SMP2 SMP2%cc00 SMP2 — Exception Pricing Plan
SMP3 SMP3%cc00 SMP3 — Actual Usage
SMP4 SMP4%cc00 SMP4 — Preventive Maintenance Proposal
SMP5 SMP5%cc00 SMP5 — Exceptional Invoicing Proposal
SMP6 SMP6%cc00 SMP6 — Conflicting Jobs
SMT3 SMT3%cc00 SMT3 — Service Order Activity Line Texts
SMT5 SMT5%cc00 SMT5 — Service Order Cost Line Texts
SMT7 SMT7%cc00 SMT7 — Service Order Material Line Texts
SMTA SMTA%cc00 SMTA — Service Order Cost and Time Transactions
SMTM SMTM%cc00 SMTM — Service Order Material Transactions
SMU3 SMU3%cc00 SMU3 — Service Order Activity Line Texts History
SMU4 SMU4%cc00 SMU4 — Service Order Cost Line Texts History
SMU5 SMU5%cc00 SMU5 — Service Order Material Line Texts History
SMUW SMUW0000 SMUW — Mass Update Work file
SMX2 SMX2%cc00 SMX2 — Work File for Time Planning
SMX3 SMX3%cc00 SMX3 — Work File for Closing Service Invoices
SMXX SMXX%cc00 SMXX — Work File for External Update

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