Заявление / Memorandum

Каждую неделю я получаю одно или несколько писем с предложением списка адресов предполагаемых пользователей Epicor ERP или Epicor iScala. В связи с этим я хочу заявить…
Every week I get one or more emails where I’m offered to get a list of addresses of prospective users of Epicor ERP or Epicor iScala. In this regard, I want to say…

How to delimit user access on the Reporting Server?

There are different approaches to organizing folders on the MS SQL Server Reporting Services. One of them is to group reports on topics or modules and grant access to all users of iScala. The advantage of this approach is in simplicity, but the disadvantage is that anyone can view any report. In this article I will share a more … [Подробнее…]

Standard steps when working with the «Purchase Order» module

Of course, in different companies, iScala users work differently, but nevertheless, there is a standard system logic that needs to be taken into account. The mandatory and optional steps are described in detail, as well as some comments on what will happen if you make changes of purchase price in the order line at different steps

The most common mistake when working with AFR reports

Very often people who are using MS SQL Server Reporting Services and AFR, begin to «walk» through folders and find mistakes of 2 types: First mistake: Call of AFR report NOT through AFR server (URL contain port number at the end of Server Name, for example, «:8000»), but directly from MS SQL Server Reporting Services (URL does not contain port number at the end of Server … [Подробнее…]