Deploy existing AFR reports on another server

There is a file with exported AFR reports.

It is required to deploy them on another server

Step-by-step description of what you need to do:

  1. Of course, you first need to install AFR.
  2. After that, create data replication
  3. The next step is the creation of a new database, where the descriptions of the AFR reports will be stored. Use the AFR report designer:
    In the «Database» field, select «Create new…»:
  4. An additional window will appear where you need to specify the name of the database being created:
    Enter the name of the database and press «Create» button.
  5. You will return to the previous window:
    New database created, click «OK»
  6. You will find yourself inside the designer of AFR reports. This is still empty:
  7. The first thing to do is to configure the parameters:
    Select «Tools -> Settings…»
  8. On the «General» tab, fill in the fields «Default «edit» access role» and «Default «view» access role»:
  9. On the RDL tab, specify the user name and password for data access and select the name of AFR financial database:
    After that click on «Test Connection»:
  10. On the «Preview» tab, also specify the username and password for data access and select the name of AFR financial database:
  11. On the last tab, you can change the date format, or you can change nothing:
  12. When parameters are defined, you can import previously exported AFR reports. From the menu, select «File -> Import -> Exported AFR Reports…»:
  13. Specify the path to the file with the exported AFR reports and set the flags, as in the picture below:
    Note: the «Include RDLs» checkbox must be checked. This means that when the report are loaded they will also be published on the server. This is especially important if the reports have been adjusted by their author after their creation in the report designer.
  14. When the reports are imported, they appear in the AFR report designer window:
    Now they are not saved yet.
  15. It is necessary to save them. To do this, click on the right side of the floppy disk icon and select «Save All»:
  16. When saving reports, you can get a proposal to shrink the width of the columns proportionally to fit the page width. Do not click «Yes», press «No»:
    Probably, it is necessary to answer this question some times. Always click «No»!!!
  17. After saving the reports, they will be published on the server:
  18. By going to the Report Server, you can see this after the process is completed:
  19. Do not forget to check their operability:
  20. Do not forget to grant access as «Browser» to AFR viewers on AFR virtual folder of Reporting Services. Also include users into domain group specified before in the field «Default «view» access role»

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