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AFR: Как сделать расчёт значения в столбце зависимым от номера строки? :: AFR: How can I calculate the value in a column dependent on the line number?

Выражение для столбца отчёта AFR с использованием пользовательского поля

Иногда необходимо делать расчёт значения в столбце зависимым от того, что находится в строке отчёта
Sometimes it is necessary to calculate the value in a column depending on what is in the report line

Query execution failed for dataset ‘DataSet0’


Прекратите бездумно искать по описанию ошибки! Пожалуйста, подумайте, что произошло такого, что она возникает. А произошло наступление нового года!
Stop thoughtlessly searching for a description of the error! Please think what happened is that it arises: a new year has come!

SQL Server: OLE Automation Procedures

SQL Server: OLE Automation Procedures

To make SQL Server possible to write information into files you must switch on “Ole Automation Procedures
Чтобы разрешить SQL Server’у записывать информацию напрямую в файл вы должны включить опцию “Ole Automation Procedures”

Знаете ли Вы, что? Новая фишка в последней версии AFR: перенумерация строк :: Do you know that? The new feature in the latest version of AFR: renumbering rows

Раньше я делал это «вручную». Теперь это появилось! 🙂
I used to do this «manually». Now it has appeared! 🙂

Multi Level Approvals for Requisitions: How it works?

Multi Level Approvals for Requisitions: How it works? Alexey Vasiliyev, principal consultant, Epicor’s partner

English version of the presentation at the Epicor client conference in Moscow 12.09.2017

MSRS channel — what to use instead in case of very old version of Scala/iScala?

Настройка принтера для печати через внешнюю программу в Scala 5.1

You can use MSRS channel to design documents with rich formatting in case of modern versions of iScala (starting from iScala 2.3 SR2 and SQL server 2008). And what if you have Scala 5.1, for example? Can anything be done for this version more or less gracefully? 🙂

How to add a document template for MSRS Output Channel

What we have: files of document templates for printing internal delivery note of iScala Stock Control module via MSRS Output Channel. Also we have Reporting Service Connector installed. How to configure Output Channel and to put files of document description in necessary place? If you don’t have Reporting Services Connector installed, you can install right […]

Заявление / Memorandum

Заявление / Memorandum

Каждую неделю я получаю одно или несколько писем с предложением списка адресов предполагаемых пользователей Epicor ERP или Epicor iScala. В связи с этим я хочу заявить…
Every week I get one or more emails where I’m offered to get a list of addresses of prospective users of Epicor ERP or Epicor iScala. In this regard, I want to say…

Deploy existing AFR reports on another server

There is a file with exported AFR reports.
It is required to deploy them on another server
Step-by-step description of what you need to do

How to delimit user access on the Reporting Server?

There are different approaches to organizing folders on the MS SQL Server Reporting Services. One of them is to group reports on topics or modules and grant access to all users of iScala. The advantage of this approach is in simplicity, but the disadvantage is that anyone can view any report. In this article I will share a more […]

Standard steps when working with the «Purchase Order» module

Of course, in different companies, iScala users work differently, but nevertheless, there is a standard system logic that needs to be taken into account. The mandatory and optional steps are described in detail, as well as some comments on what will happen if you make changes of purchase price in the order line at different steps

Процесс создания отчёта фиксированной формы с помощью Epicor AFR :: The process of creating a fixed-form report using Epicor AFR

Маленький кусочек процесса добавления строк в Row Set отчёта 🙂 Но есть и альтернативный путь, если отчёт содержит много строк 🙂 :: A small piece of the process of adding rows to the Row Set of the report 🙂 But there is an alternative way if the report contains many lines 🙂