How to add a document template for MSRS Output Channel

What we have: files of document templates for printing internal delivery note of iScala Stock Control module via MSRS Output Channel. Also we have Reporting Service Connector installed. How to configure Output Channel and to put files of document description in necessary place?
If you don’t have Reporting Services Connector installed, you can install right now with use of detailed installation guide.

After that we add new Output Channel in Administrative Console:

Give name “MSRS” to the channel and set its parameters according to below pictures:

As Output Channel is ready, unpack .zip file and put it to folder with relative path nested of root iScala folder: WinDS\Resources\Reports\Custom\MSRS\SC

Файлы описания структуры документа в файловой структуре сервера iScalaCreate the similar folder structure on Report Server (in relation of root folder which specified in iScala installation parameters). An example is in below pictures:

Структура папок на сервере отчётовPublish .rdl-file in this folder:

Структура папок на сервере отчётов iScalaChange Data Source for publishing file:

Data Source для опубликованного файлаThe printing of internal delivery note is available to created MSRS channel:

Печать внутренней накладной через выходной канал MSRSDDF file can be edited, e.g. company name can be changed.

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